Take A Look At Our NYC Fourth of July Cruises!

Fourth of July is coming up! And if you’re in NYC, you know better than to wait last minute to make any plans. We all know how the city’s a crowded place. But, it gets incredibly crowded during any and every holiday, even Arbor Day…and there’s like, barely even any trees in the city. 4th of July is clearly no exception to this rule, and this year there’s plenty of patriotic Independence Day parties to attend in the Big Apple. You could even start your NYC fourth of July fun on July 3rd.

Pre-IndepenDANCE Party Cruise Aboard the Serenity Yacht

The perfect pre-4th of July party is right here aboard the beautiful Serenity Yacht. This spacious vessel is the premier destination for pre-4th of July festivities. The Serenity has two air-conditioned interior decks, and an open sky deck. There will also be a live DJ dedicated to playing the right tracks to groove to throughout the night. Have some fun, some drinks, and some nice fresh air accompanied with sweet views of the Manhattan skyline. However, you won’t have the added pleasure of being treated to a fireworks show, like some other cruises we may know about.

NYC Fourth Of July

What’s so great about 4th of July?

*Gasp We can’t believe you just said that! The fourth of July is one of, if not THE most beloved holidays in the US. But what makes this holiday so beloved by Americans? Well for starters, it’s hard to resist a reason to go grill up some good grub, hang with your loved ones, and play with explosives. But it’s more than just the food and fireworks. There’s an inner national pride that awakens during the fourth of July in all of Americans, whether immigrated or homegrown.

Now, you’ve probably heard the old adage of America being “unique” because it’s a melting pot of some sort. Which is true, but there are lots of other places in the world that can be described as that. What makes the U-S- of-A so interesting in particular, is all the ingredients in that melting pot, and how more ingredients just keep getting added all the time, yet it never loses its distinct taste. At the heart of what makes this country (and city) so great is the fact that people all over the world come here and work, eat, and most importantly, party together.

So Let’s Party Together At An NYC Fourth Of July Cruise!

NYC Fourth of July Traditions

For the past 40 some odd years, retail giant Macy’s has put on an extravagant fireworks show in New York City. Much like Macy’s other famous holiday extravaganza, this event has grown from just a staple in the big city, to being televised across the entire country. If you’ve ever been in NYC to catch this spectacle, you know how hard it is to find the perfect spot. The parks, city streets, boardwalks, and piers are packed with people camping out hours before the show starts. Forget THAT! Watch the Macy’s fireworks show in style on one of these family-friendly cruises.

NYC Fourth Of July

Family-Friendly NYC Fourth of July Fireworks Cruises

Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard The Audubon Yacht
Grab the family and head on over to Pier 15 for an excellent time on The Audubon Yacht. The Audubon itself is a beauty of vessel, with its pristine entire decor, climate-controlled interior decks, and a sky deck for you to get some fresh air with your premium views of NYC and the fireworks show. You’ll also enjoy the four-hour premium open bar, and fully stacked dinner buffet included with each ticket.

2018 Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the Cornucopia Majesty Yacht
The party kicks off at Pier 81 on the absolutely gorgeous Cornucopia Majesty Yacht. The interior alone is so beautiful you’ll feel like you stepped into an artsy gala or something of that nature. But don’t let the elegant design fool you, this isn’t no tea party, our DJ will keep the boat rocking with a mix of the latest and greatest in contemporary (and classic) hits, bangers, and anthems.

Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard The Serenity
Head to Pier 40 for a night of food, fun, and fireworks aboard The Serenity Yacht. The Serenity Yacht is a staple of Pier 40 and the 4th of July cruise experience. Its spacious design can be experienced on every deck of the ship. Including the top observation deck where you’ll get a fantastic view of the fireworks show.

Now if you’re looking for more of a nightclub aesthetic to your NY July 4th cruise, we’ve got you covered with these sweet yacht parties that’ll let you celebrate your indepenDANCE without worrying about any non-grown ups distributing the fun.

NYC Fourth of July

21+ Fireworks Cruises

Independence Day Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard The Jewel Yacht
Head to the Skyport Marina and hop aboard The Jewel Yacht for an NYC fourth of July yacht party you’ll never forget. With its trendy, nightclub-Esq interior, you might even forget you’re on a boat! That is of course until you get a peek at the amazing views of Manhattan’s skyline. This is an exclusive event, meaning seats are very limited; so don’t hesitate to secure your spot and get the best possible view of Macy’s fireworks spectacular.

Rock the Boat: Independence Day Fireworks Cruise Aboard The Bay State
Last but not least, we’ve got something on Pier 40 that’ll make your 4th of July one to remember. Get ready to rock the boat this Independence day and enjoy a night of great music, good food, and the spectacular fireworks show.

Now you know where you could have a great fourth of July in New York. You should also check out what other cruises we’ve got going on around the country. Also, see other amazing cities you could celebrate 4th of July in too.