San Diego July 4th Cruise- Your Views

Celebrate your July 4th in San Diego by sailing through the city and taking in some amazing sights. When you set sail on a San Diego July 4th cruise, you are going to enjoy an experience of your lifetime. You have never experience San Diego like this as if you sail on the fresh water and enjoy the beautiful summer breeze. Give your summer festivities a boost this year and enjoy some of these amazing sights on your San Diego July 4th cruise.

Your San Diego July 4th Cruise Sights


USS Midway Museum

When you set sail on your July 4th cruise, you are going to view the great USS Midway Museum. The USS Midway Museum is a nonprofit organization established in 1992 with its opening taking place in June 2004. The vision of the museum is to become America’s living symbol of freedom. Its mission is to preserve the historic USS Midway and the legacy of those who serve in order to inspire and educate the future generation. This historic museum is almost like a floating city at sea with the amount of space it covers. The USS Midway Museum was once home to over 225,000 sailors who served the country and upheld our American ideals. The museum is an adventure for families with over 60 exhibits with a collection of 29 restored aircrafts. To view the USS Midway’s exhibits and activities, click here.


Coronado Bridge

You are also going to sail right under the beautiful Coronado Bridge. This bridge is a prestressed concrete/steel girder bridge crossing over the San Diego Bay linking San Diego and Coronado, California. Coronado Bridge is 11,179 feet long and ascends at a 4.67 percent grade before curving 80 degrees toward San Diego. The bridge is also signed as part of State Route 75. The pillars that support supporting the bridge on the eastern end are painted with huge murals as part of Chicano Park. This bridge is a beautiful sight to witness as you sail. Its design is unique when compared to other bridges that you may have seen. Future plans for the bridge include adding programmable eco-friendly LED lighting by 2019 to coincide with the bridge’s 50th anniversary.


San Diego Skyline

Of course, you are going to view the San Diego skyline as you sail on a San Diego July 4th cruise. The skyline will be right in your face giving you the best opportunities to snap pictures. Watch as you view your favorite landmarks from a perspective you have never experienced. The tallest buildings in San Diego are going to look as if they aren’t real from your cruise. One America Plaza, the tallest building in San Diego, is going to look like a toy from your San Diego July 4th cruise! Not to mention the views of Symphony Towers and the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel that you will enjoy. You are going to enjoy all that the city has to offer from its skyline when you sail on a San Diego July 4th cruise.


Seals and Sea Lions

If you’re lucky enough, you may even have the chance to enjoy a view of seals and sea lions! The San Diego Harbor is home to these beautiful sea creatures that swim around the harbor. On your cruise, you may have the opportunity to watch them swim near the boat or catch them sunbathing on the rocks off shore. Make sure to have your cameras ready for this experience because you won’t want to miss the perfect photo! Watching these animals in their natural habitat is almost like an added bonus when you set sail on a San Diego July 4th cruise. Don’t miss out on the views of the city and the seals and sea lions of course by purchasing your tickets on board a San Diego July 4th cruise today!

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