July 4th San Francisco

July 4th San Francisco offers you a wide range of cool, exciting and action packed moments, and being able to witness all of these in this amazing city is truly interesting, to say the least. With that in mind, we have created a list with some of the best events to be had here for July 4th.


If you want a cool July 4th in San Francisco, then the Hornblower’s Premier Fourth of July Dinner Cruise can be a great cruise to opt for. It does offer a great menu and the prices are reasonable, they also integrate live entertainment and a wide range of other bonuses that make the experience well worth your time.

Blue & Gold Fireworks Cruise is a less expensive and doesn’t nearly have as many benefits.

Red and White Fleet: 4 Cruises is another great event that combines 4 cruises in order to create a magnificent event and one that you will surely appreciate in the long run. They don’t allow outside drinks and foods.

The IndepenDANCE Family Fireworks Cruise Aboard the San Francisco Spirit is the most popular cruise for July 4t. With an open bar, full dinner buffet, live DJ, and a view of the fireworks. This is the best cruise running on July 4th.

Celebrate the Day on Pier 39

This can be another way to spend this important holiday, and the cool thing about this is surely the uniqueness of the entire experience and the fireworks that are great looking and just plain astounding at all times.

SF Giants Baseball

If you like baseball or sports, then this one can be a very interesting choice for sure. It does deliver an incredible appeal and that on its own is more than impressive, to say the least.

Aquarium of the Bay

This is a great activity to perform during the national holiday, and since it’s open just about the entire day, you should totally check it out!

Fillmore Jazz Festival

This is one of the fan favorite street fairs for the July 4th holiday, so if you are in the region this is a top choice and one of the best ways to spend this holiday. It’s also free of charge which is a major plus.

Free SF Library Walking Tours

If you are interested in culture, then the Free SF Library Walking Tours can be right up your alley, you just need to go at the exact hours to attend them, that’s all.

Be it normal events, cruises or fireworks, you have plenty of possibilities when it comes to spending your July 4th in San Francisco, just prepare beforehand and find the right option which suits your needs!