How to Celebrate July 4th in NYC

Looking for something to do for July 4th or July 4th weekend in NYC? Check out these events and get ready to enjoy a celebration like no other! From July 4th NYC cruises to pre-July 4th cruises, we have it all. There’s no better way to celebrate your July 4th than with setting sail on one of our July 4th NYC cruises! Take a look at these events and get ready to celebrate this year.


Our July 4th NYC Cruises and Events

Pre-IndepenDANCE Party Cruise – The Audubon Yacht

If celebrating July 4th on a Tuesday isn’t for you, check out our pre-July 4th cruise aboard the Audubon Yacht! This cruise sets sail on Monday, July 3rd and you definitely won’t want to miss it. Enjoy this cruise around NYC and take in views of the city skyline and all of its landmarks as you sail. Dance to the sounds of a live DJ spinning nothing but your favorite tracks and keep the drinks pouring with the fully stocked cash bar on board! There’s no better way to start out July 4th than on this pre-July 4th cruise. Ticket prices start at $30.


Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise – The Infinity Yacht

If July 4th NYC cruises is what you’re looking for, then book your tickets on board the Infinity Yacht this year! This yacht is beautifully built with three climate-controlled decks, custom LED lighting, and built-in sound systems! Enjoy your sail through the city as a live DJ mixes and spins the top tracks of this year. All of your favorite hits from the Top 40, Hip-Hop, Dance, and Pop charts will be blasting all night as you celebrate. Enjoy a four-hour premium open bar and grab bites to eat from the buffet stations. Delicious dishes such as BBQ chicken breast, mac and cheese, and BBQ brisket are some of the menu items that you can enjoy. With full stomachs and drinks in hand get ready to watch the fireworks like never before.

Watch the fireworks fill the sky right from the Infinity Yacht and enjoy a July 4th celebration that you’ll remember for years to come! Don’t miss out on this July 4th cruise and book your tickets today. Ticket prices start at $159.

July 4th NYC cruises Audubon Yacht

Audubon Yacht Pre-IndepenDANCE Party Cruise

July 4th NYC cruises Infinity Yacht

Infinity Yacht Independence Day Fireworks Cruise

2017 Independence Day Family Fireworks Cruise – Cornucopia Majesty

Take a step onto this large and magnificent yacht and enjoy your July 4th sail in luxury. The Cornucopia Majesty invites you and your family on board to celebrate July 4th like you never have. This multileveled yacht will have you viewing and experiencing the city from its open-air top deck while dance to the sounds of a live DJ. Listen and dance to the hits of this year and enjoy a full dinner buffet of tasty dishes. Wash down your food with a four-hour open bar and get ready to make the family’s night with the view of the fireworks! When the fireworks go off the Cornucopia Majesty will stop sailing and treat you and your family to an amazing view of the fireworks as they light up the sky. Get your tickets on board this July 4th NYC cruise and enjoy a sail like no other! Ticket prices start at $139.


3rd Annual Freedom Fest

Have you ever been to the annual Freedom Fest at Pier 15? If not, you’ve been missing on one of the best July 4th celebrations in NYC! This July 4th event brings families together to celebrate their July 4th with an amazing and unforgettable experience. Enjoy the sounds of a live DJ as you party the night away against the East River and take in views of downtown Manhattan. Feast on your favorite July 4th items such as burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, and much more! Enjoy a four-hour premium open bar as you celebrate July 4th and keep your favorite drinks coming all night long. End off your night with a view of the Macy’s 41st Annual Fireworks show and watch the fireworks fill the sky right before your eyes! Ticket prices start at $99.

July 4th NYC cruises Cornucopia Majesty

Cornucopia Majesty Fireworks Cruise

July 4th NYC Freedom Fest

3rd Annual Freedom Fest

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