Independence Day Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard the Jewel Yacht

About Independence Day Fireworks Party Cruise Aboard the Jewel Yacht

When you think 4th of July and New York, you think Macy’s; there’s just no way to separate the two. Every year, herds of people gather around the city looking for the best spots to catch this annual display of gorgeous lights. Here’s a pro tip; you can avoid the massive, obnoxious crowds this fourth of July and watch the fireworks show comfortability on a yacht. So head to the Skyport Marina for this exclusive July 4th party cruise in NYC you’ll never forget. Hurry, tickets to this event are very limited!

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Premier July 4th party cruise in NYC

You’ll be boarding the Jewel Yacht, a true gem of a vessel. With an interior reminiscent of a trendy nightclub or lounge, you’ll almost forget you’re on a boat, until you look ahead and see that gorgeous Manhattan skyline. Make your way to the bar area, where one of the onboard bartenders will gladly prepare you a cocktail. Hungry? Then enjoy a feast with the included full dinner buffet.

Don’t leave all your best dance moves at home, cause we’ve got a live DJ spinning the latest and greatest in Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, and Top 40 Hits the entire cruise.

Save yourself the trouble of hunting high and low for a good spot to watch the fireworks, only to end up being in a crowded area for hours before the show even starts just so you don’t “lose your spot.” This cruise is a very crowd-conscious July 4th party cruise in NYC; we’re only filling up 200 spots on this cruise, that’s around half of the Jewel Yacht’s 330 capacity, ensuring all attendees will be comfortable.

Now That You’re All Informed and Everything…

So now you know all about the hottest July 4th party cruise in NYC. All you have to do now is tell all your friends, plan out your  4th of July, maybe buy a new outfit, and order those tickets!

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We know you’re sure to get tons of epic pics of the fireworks show, you and your party, and that New York City skyline. Why keep all those sweet memories on your phone? Share them with the world on social media. Just don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use #FireWorksOnTheWater and let your followers know you saw this amazing display of lights in style.

Boarding: 6:00 PM
Departing: 7:00 PM
Returning: 10:00 PM

Age Requirement: 21+

All American BBQ Buffet Menu

  • Chicken Wings
  • BBQ Ribs
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Cornbread


* Menu is subject to change

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Price increase warning: July 4th ticket prices often go up significantly (100% +) the closer you get to July 4th. Also note that many July 4th Events will sell out well in advance of July 4th .

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