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Why do we Celebrate July Fourth?

Why do we Celebrate July Fourth?

July Fourth is probably one of the biggest holidays celebrated in America every year. This festive red, white, and blue event brings people together from all areas of life to celebrate the liberty and independence that we share. Typical celebrations include grilling, fireworks, and American flags waving in the air. Now, almost everyone in the country celebrates this iconic national holiday, but why exactly do we celebrate July Fourth? Check out our July Fourth history and why we celebrate this national holiday every single year!

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History of July Fourth:

July Fourth 1776

July Fourth was not established as a holiday up until 1776. July 4th, 1776 marked the date that the Thirteen Colonies formed the United States of America and successfully gained its independence from England. The actual legal separation occurred on July 2nd, however, the Declaration of Independence went through several revisions before its final approval on July Fourth. The Declaration of Independence established our nation’s desire for unity and separation from the British Rule. The July Fourth holiday is more than just a celebration filled with red, white, and blue. Instead, it is a celebration of the nation gaining its independence and creating unity amongst its people.

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First Celebrations of Independence:

The first celebrations of July Fourth can be traced all the way back to the 18th century. The very first celebration occurred in Philadelphia on July 4th, 1777. To celebrate July Fourth, people gathered together and celebrated their freedom from British Rule. Pre-Revolutionary Fourth of July celebrations included bell ringing, bonfires, processions, and speechmaking. Mock funerals for King George III were also held to symbolize and celebrate the end of the monarchy’s hold on America. Celebrations also included concerts, parades, the firing of cannons and muskets as well as the first public readings of the Declaration of Independence after its adoption.

Our Celebrations Today:

Ever since the first celebration of July Fourth, the celebrations continued throughout the years. The continuation of celebrating July Fourth allowed new political leaders to address citizens and establish unity amongst the American people. Fourth of July established independence for America and created a unity amongst its people that is still present today. Even today, people still gather throughout the country to celebrate July Fourth with all of their loved ones. The original message of unity and independence is still present in today’s celebrations when everyone gathers together to celebrate the holiday as one.

Independence Day celebrations in the past may have focused on the separation from British Rule, but today’s celebrations celebrate the idea of freedom and unity in this country. The tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July is something that will never die out as long as America maintains the idea of equality and unity that was established when the holiday was first born.

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July Fourth Declaration of Independence

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