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Take A Look At Our NYC Fourth of July Cruises!

Fourth of July is coming up! And if you’re in NYC, you know better than to wait last minute to make any plans. We all know how the city’s a crowded place. But, it gets incredibly crowded during any and every holiday, even Arbor Day…and there’s like, barely even any trees in the city. 4th of July is clearly no

Check Out Some Of The Best 4th of July Events Around The Country

Who can say no to great BBQ and fireworks? NOBODY, that’s who. That’s why our nation’s birthday is the biggest celebration of fried foods and colorful explosives on the entire globe. Every city, county, and town in America has its own unique twist when celebrating the fourth of July. Take a look at some of the best July 4th events

Best July 4th Fireworks Shows in the USA

There’s definitely no better way to celebrate July 4th than with some fireworks! All around the country, states host amazing July 4th fireworks shows that you just have to see to believe. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a show with the family or just some friends, your night just wouldn’t be complete without the fireworks. Check out some of these

July 4th Party Tips and July 4th Decorations (cont.)

Continuing where we left off with our July 4th party tips and decoration ideas, we have got lots more for you to enjoy and check out! From July 4th decorations to July 4th recipes, your celebration this year will definitely be one to remember. If you missed out on the first July 4th party tips and decorations article, click here

July 4th Party Tips and July 4th Decorations!

July 4th is a holiday that is known for its festive celebrations and red, white, and blue being spread all throughout the town. Fireworks and grilling are also a huge part of this American holiday with decorations playing a part as well. If you’re throwing a July 4th party or just looking to make your home a little more festive

Popular Cities to Celebrate July 4th!

No matter how you celebrate your July 4th, your celebration will probably include red, white, and blue and of course, fireworks! This great holiday celebrates the birth of our nation and honors the independence that we now have. If you don’t know the history of July 4th and why this holiday is so important, we’ve got you covered with the

Cities to Experience July 4th History!

July 4th is a significant holiday in the history of our country. This great holiday marks the day that our nation gained its independence. If you didn’t know, throughout the country, we can experience some July 4th history in some amazing cities! Whether you want to check out landmarks or even important US Founding Documents, you can do it! There

Red, White, and Blue July 4th Drink Recipes

July 4th is already a festive holiday as it is. From the huge fireworks displays that go on around the world to the people who throw on their best red, white, and blue outfits to celebrate the occassion, this holiday is definitely one of the best to celebrate. After all, this holiday marks the day that our nation received its

Why do we Celebrate July Fourth?

July Fourth is probably one of the biggest holidays celebrated in America every year. This festive red, white, and blue event brings people together from all areas of life to celebrate the liberty and independence that we share. Typical celebrations include grilling, fireworks, and American flags waving in the air. Now, almost everyone in the country celebrates this iconic national

NYC July 4th Cruises 2017 Recap

Our NYC July 4th cruises this year were definitely ones to remember! Many people sailed and celebrated with us this year as we treated them to a July 4th experience like no other. If you didn’t celebrate with us this year then you definitely missed out a memorable night out and celebration for your July 4th. Don’t worry though, we